Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hate that I'm feeling blue...

since i've not a decent explanation for being vanished from my blog for over 5 months other thn being lazy, i'll juz turn oblivion to that matter..anyway,profuse apology for that!

So i'll just do this in a way of confession about my emotions (as what PPD alwis tells us, it's crucial to acknowledge one's emotions.

The question is, am I unimportant?
I've given it a yes, im even feeling hurt in realization of it..And even though i feel like i've tried, to please, to be good, to do my part, to do it right, and somehow it feels exhausting already and it's tough to keep doing that but see no change, i still wonder what if. Like, what if i have done it all wrong? what if i havn't given my best? i've oso decided to give up sometimes, but then giving up is not the way, it's never the way, i'll salvage nothing by doing so. So what do i do if giving up is not an option? Perhaps starting with finding other ways to make a better person out of myself.

But for now, I've decided, I SUCK.
*sigh...feeling much better

PS/ Cherlinn, you're right, feels good to be typing again haha

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Gine said...

:) I'm glad my suggestion helps you. Hope you're feeling better, my dear. Talk to you soon ok. You sound really, really blue.. :(